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Traffic Control Specialists, LLC (TCS) is a family-owned company that provides comprehensive traffic control services to any size company or contractor. Since our modest 2007 beginnings in Knox, Indiana, to our recent branch expansions in Fort Wayne, IN and Crawfordsville, IN, we always strive to provide exceptional service and do what is right for our customers, employees, and the motoring public. We pride ourselves on keeping people safe as they travel through life’s daily journeys, and we do this with knowledge and industry leading expertise in traffic control services.

TCS can setup large- and small-scale traffic control for both short- or long-term durations while also providing flagging crews to customers of any size. We set temporary and permanent striping, as well as insert snowplowable raised pavement markers (RPMs) and rumble strips.  We can create and place temporary and permanent signage, sell and rent a variety of equipment and supplies, and produce maintenance of traffic plans. We also operate a full sign and print shop and can offer you cutting edge traffic IT services.

With over one hundred years of combined industry experience and access to a variety of resourceful outlets, you should make TCS the one-stop shop for your traffic control needs!

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